What we do

Basically Entenso Ltd. is an end-to-end IT solutions provider. You can think of it as a well-balanced tool for your product that is sharp and easy to use. Why? We simply facilitate our clients’ ideas to grow into successful products. Empowered by creativity, competence and hard work as core values we created a solid background for clients’ projects. So today we provide software products that help companies generate revenue, engage customers and leave others behind. We offer new product design, analysis and refactoring of existing products, software architecture wizards as part of the service that we provide. Due to extensive horizontal structure of our company to every client we bring a dedicated team of talented enthusiasts who are flexible, competent and highly self-motivated. Our clients’ business success is the true rate of our own success. Our collective experience reaches to financial services, healthcare, travel & hospitality, media & IoT, gaming sectors and hundreds of projects that we succeed.